Q- How much canoeing/kayaking           A- While we do require you to be of reasonable fitness, no experience is required for our

experience is required?                             canoe tours. Our trips are designed to cater to all levels of experience. All that we ask is 

                                                           that you welcome adventure with an open mind.

Q- Do I need to be in great shape            A- We require a reasonable level of fitness, we ask that you are capable of a few hours of 

to join one of the tours?                             moderate exercise, although the hiking sections of the tour are not long they are quite 

                                                            steep and involve some scrambling and low level climbing. It can be quite hot in the                                                                    gorge over summer, we start the tour early to avoid the peak of the heat, but you                                                                        need to consider your capabilities in hot conditions. Most important is an 

                                                            adventurous spirit.

Q- How much paddling is there?              A- We paddle for 6km, 3km down the river and then 3km back to our canoe site about 1.5                                                              hours. Not everyone paddles the entire distance, you are able to head back to our                                                                      canoe site at any time.


Q- How stable are the canoes                 A- The kayaks and canoes we use are both very stable, the likelihood of capsizing is minimal

and kayaks?

Q- Are children welcome and                  A- Yes, children are welcome to join the tour (they usually love it) we offer a family rate.

is there any age restrictions?                       Please note the minimum age is 4 years old unless arranged directly with us. Those 

                                                            concerned with being in "their older years" please contact us to discuss your physical                                                                  abilities. We take a broad range of people on the tour and anyone with an adventurous 

                                                            spirit should enjoy the day.


Q- What clothing should I wear?              A- During the hotter months of summer we recommend you wear light loose clothing with                                                                 good sun protection. Do not hike in lycra, rash vests or full piece swim suits as you will                                                                 get too hot, bring your rash vest/ swimsuit for the canoeing section. The rest of year                                                                   clothing suitable to the daily weather is appropriate.

Q- What shoes should I wear?                 A- You will need good walking shoes, runners, sneakers, hiking shoes/boots definitely no                                                                open footwear, such as thongs, crocs, flip flops.

Q- What do I need to bring?                   A- You will need drinking water (1.5 litres per person in winter and 1.5-3 litres in summer).

                                                            food/snacks for the morning, bathers if you want to swim, hat, sunscreen.